March 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to “5 Minutes with Mower”—an interactive marketing newsletter. Read, watch and feel award-winning ideas unfold in front of your eyes—in five minutes or less.

Releasing the beast in a lithium-ion battery.

Inspired by the Pegasus, our creative team helped Trojan® Battery Company “Release the Beast” as it debuted a new lithium-ion golf battery. Ready for a real ride? Release the beast here.

Environ is green all year long—not just in March.

As Hospital Energy became an energy provider for more than the medical industry, it outgrew its branding. See the new name and look—our art experts Amanda and Christine chose the perfect shade of blue to match this perfectly green energy provider.

Collecting change to make change.

Donating money is one of the toughest calls to action. Our PR and Creative teams came together to create a campaign that makes people feel like they have more control over how they donate and for whom. Get inspired in four slides.

How to help employees quit saying “I quit.”

What have you been doing to counter the Great Resignation? Our chief administrative officer, Chris, lists three key strategies that we’ve used successfully to meet clients’ recruitment and retention goals. Uncover our strategy and make a plan.

What would you do for your pet?

At Mower, we have a unique perspective that drives everything we do. It’s called Brand as Friend®. Here’s where we highlight the creative and inspiring brands that are making Fierce Friends™.

If your answer is “Anything!”, we’ve got just the lighthearted TV spot for you. Grab your hairy, scaly or feathered friend and watch how this pet store brand leverages the loyal relationship between quirky pets and their owners to give you all the warm and furries.

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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