July 2022 Newsletter

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Growing greatness.

Knowing matters. That’s the simple truth that informed our strategy for this important community campaign for The Children’s Institute.

Together we launched the “Let their greatness GROW” campaign, encouraging parents to get their children free developmental checks—everything from height and weight to hearing and speech. The campaign creative offers parents easy ways to understand how their child is growing, and where to get them the help they might need. Because the sooner they know there’s an issue, the sooner their child can get back on track.

As Boston as…

There are a lot of things people associate the city of Boston with. Baseball. Baked beans. Distinct accents. But more than anything else, Boston is known as one of America’s most revolutionary, history-rich cities. There’s no wonder the Freedom Trail is Boston’s most-visited attraction.

To help our client come back strong after the first year of the pandemic, we got the word out that a trip to Boston without a trip to the Freedom Trail is no trip to Boston at all. The campaign appeared on bus shelters, local publications, rack cards and social media.

And we’re thrilled to announce the work won a Hatch Award in the “Street Stoppers” category. The Hatch Awards are a distinguished program for New England-based creative branding and marketing work. That’s history to be proud of.

Crisis averted.

The most destructive part of a crisis often happens after the dust settles—and the response from corporate leadership becomes clear. Our PR & PA group executive vice president and managing director Rick Lyke details the six steps you need to take to successfully address stakeholders’ expectations of your company’s CEO.

Harnessing the power of hydrogen.

Clean-energy giant Nuvera Fuel Cells provides zero-emission engines and hydrogen generation for transportation applications. We work with Nuvera to emphasize the benefits of hydrogen energy and stamp it as one of the most reliable (and renewable) energy sources of the future. Learn more about what drives our work here.

Better together.

At Mower, we have a unique perspective that drives everything we do. It’s called Brand as Friend. Here’s where we highlight the creative and inspiring brands that are making Fierce Friends™.

Diversity is power. We know that well at Mower (in fact, we’re even certified in it). But we’re far from the only company looking to amplify equity and inclusion in our business practices. Forbes has collected a list of eleven brands who are doing the same—and being fierce friends along the way.

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