What Will Day One Look Like?

Mower study reveals how consumers will approach a post-COVID-19 world

Whether it’s tomorrow or six months from now, at some point local and state governments will begin to ease COVID-19-related restrictions and people will be free to resume their everyday lives. But will they? Mower has conducted a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults to learn what common activities they will feel comfortable returning to on Day One.

A few highlights:

  • Americans are far more comfortable with the idea of going to their workplace right away (46%) than they are sending their kids back to school (21%). And while 28% would feel at ease taking a vacation by car, only 16% would fly on an airplane and a mere 12% would travel internationally.
  • Activities like dining out, visiting a museum or working out at a gym will have to wait for all but one in five adults, and even fewer would be comfortable going to a sporting event or theme park on Day One.
  • While resuming their normal routines is what consumers look forward to most (55%), they also plan to maintain some newly adopted habits, in particular practicing better hygiene (42%), avoiding shaking hands (40%) and cleaning their homes more thoroughly (32%). One in four will continue supporting local restaurants with takeout and delivery and one in five see more virtual get-togethers with family and friends in their post-pandemic futures.

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