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Domtar: Paper Because Marketing Campaign

Paper Because

Domtar — North America’s leading producer of free-sheet paper — thought they needed a sustainability campaign. But we weren’t sure that an environmental story was the right approach. Because let’s be honest, “paper producer” doesn’t exactly scream eco-consciousness.

So, we went on the hunt for insight and found that even in today’s digital universe, paper still holds a special place in our hearts and lives. Because many of our most special moments are delivered on paper. Mower’s “Paper Because” campaign continues to leverage this simple truth and highlight these moments with everything from humorous videos to retro-themed print executions.

Paper Because tree ad Paper Because memories ad Paper Because tree ad Paper Because tree ad

Using humor to dispell myths

A series of humorous, web-based videos illustrates the importance of paper and makes sharing easy.

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Key brand as friend driver: honesty

Honesty is definitely the best policy, especially when it comes to dispelling myths surrounding paper. So, our strategy was to stick to the facts and let customers form their own opinions about paper. And, for all the fact-checkers out there, we created an online fact sheet dedicated to backing every quote, post and article written during the campaign.

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Paper Because Marketing Campaign


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