September 2021 Newsletter

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This stat is going to amaze you.

Since COVID, adults ages 18-54 spend more time streaming audio than they do streaming video, scrolling social media, or watching broadcast TV. You don’t have to make a top-hit song or have a podcast, but you should get your brand on these platforms. Read how.

Warning…this work is shady.

We mean the “blocks 100% of UV rays” kind of shady. With summer all wrapped up, we wanted to share our work promoting Transitions® adaptive lenses in stores across the U.S. Take a look.

Emotional buyers? Yeah, it’s a thing.

Is it possible to sell solar by appealing to homeowners’ emotional side? Science suggests yes. Our new Power the Possibilities™ campaign allows us to ask thought-provoking questions to homeowners considering the switch. See some of the work here.

This video will place in your 💗.

As Olympic athletes took the field, we helped our client, Catholic Health, take to TV screens—documenting four hospitals over two days and reminding viewers that healthcare is more than a career. It’s a calling. Watch it here.

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We think you’ll cry. We know you’ll cry.

At Mower, we have a unique perspective that drives everything we do. It’s called Brand as Friend. Here’s where we highlight the creative and inspiring brands that are making Fierce Friends™.

When thinking about a brand that was a good friend, something special happened. Our team connected instantly on a commercial. We don’t need to say much more. You’ll just feel it. Watch the video here.

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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