Should Your Brand Be on Threads?! 8 Factors to Consider Before Adding a New Platform to Your Social Strategy 


Margaret Flores

Social Director, Performance Marketing

Can we just take a moment to talk about how wild the social media landscape is getting? It feels like new platforms are popping up faster than brand marketers can keep track of. One platform that’s been causing a buzz lately is Threads. It’s got some interesting features, and the user base is growing like crazy. People are calling it a potential game-changer for social media marketing! 

Threads is the newest social platform launched by Meta. Its official name is Threads by Instagram, and it requires an Instagram account to join. Threads is positioned to be Meta’s answer to X (formerly Twitter) with a very similar interface. The main differences include the ability to import all your Instagram connections directly to Threads and longer content restrictions such as 500 characters for copy and five-minute-long videos. 

Now, before you all jump on the Threads bandwagon, let’s take a step back and be real for a sec. As social media marketers, you know that embracing a new platform requires some serious thought. It’s not just about the hype; it’s about making smart decisions for your brand. 

So, here are the key factors you should consider when deciding if Threads should be part of your brand’s social media strategy: 

1. Audience Compatibility: 

First things first, you need know if your target audience is hanging out on Threads. It’s no use going all-in if the people you are trying to reach aren’t even there, right? So, let’s dig into your customer data and do some market research to see if Threads aligns with your audience’s preferences. While it is still early days to have a real understanding of who is using the platform or will use it long term, if your audience is at the forefront of popular culture, and would be likely early social platform adopters, then jumping in early might make sense for your brand.  

2. Platform Relevance: 

You know how each social media platform has its own style? Well, Threads is no different! It’s all about short, eye-catching content. So, let’s think about whether your brand can shine within these constraints. If you can wow your audience with bite-sized awesomeness, you might be onto something! Adam Mosseri of Instagram has said that he hopes to keep hard news and politics off this new platform, which would be very different from X/Twitter. 

3. Brand Voice and Values: 

Your brand is unique, and it must be genuine, no matter where you go. So, you need to figure out if Threads’ community and culture align with your brand values. If you can be yourselves and connect with your audience authentically, that’s a win! 

4. Check Out the Competition: 

Alright, spying on the competition time! Let’s see what other brands are up to on Threads. You can learn from their successes and mistakes, and it’ll help us stand out from the crowd. Since most people are automatically following the same accounts they already follow on Instagram (which Threads has made very easy), the brands that are the most successful on Instagram already have equally large followings on Threads. Some examples are Sephora, Nike, Wendy’s, and Bon Appetit Mag.  

5. Don’t Forget the Resources: 

As much as you want to conquer the world, you must be realistic about your resources. Creating engaging content for Threads takes time and effort. I am a believer in homing in on a few key platforms and building engaged communities vs. spending a small amount of time and effort on every platform. Let’s make sure you can handle it or decide where efforts should be diverted from! 

6. Measure What Matters: 

You can’t go into this blindfolded. You need clear goals for your Threads presence and ways to measure your success. Whether it’s website traffic, brand awareness, or boosting sales, you must keep your goal in mind. At this time Threads has no analytics measurement tool available to brands, so measurement at first will have to be tracked through manual means and website traffic tools.  

7. Keep an Eye on the Future: 

Threads might be the new kid on the block, but you should still be thinking long term. Will it stick around, or will it be yesterday’s news in a month? For instance, Threads is the fastest social platform to gain 100 million followers, but their active daily users are still only 22% of X/Twitter. A drop in usage after launch is expected, but only time will tell the long-term success of Threads. Flexibility is key! 

8. It’s All About the Big Picture: 

Finally, your social media strategy needs to fit into your overall marketing plan. Threads should play nice with your other platforms and marketing efforts to create a cohesive brand message. 

So, there you have it, folks! Before you dive headfirst into the Threads enthusiasm, let’s weigh these factors and make an informed decision. Social media is all about being adaptable, genuine, and connecting with your audience. 

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