Mower Sweeps Healthcare Advertising Awards with Double-Digit Wins, Including Best of Show


Mower received more than 20 awards in the 41st Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, including a top Best of Show recognition. The Healthcare Advertising Awards recognizes the top work in healthcare marketing and advertising and, this year, fielded over 4,300 entries to select its top winners.

“This is incredible recognition for our healthcare specialty,” said Mower’s Chief Creative Officer Doug Kamp. “We focus on building connections between brands and their customers that create fierce friends, and these award wins are proof that our work is some of the best in the healthcare industry. We’re looking forward to continued growth and recognition for our all our clients.”

For over 50 years, Mower’s healthcare specialty has been at the forefront of healthcare marketing, solving challenges with an experienced team and a deep client roster. Learn more about the specialty here, and find full award details below.

Client: Allegheny Health Network

Campaign: Cai and Kate

Accolades: Best in Show; Health Promotion Program; Poster; Streaming On-Demand Content; Logo/Letterhead Design; Special Event Materials

About the Work: Preschoolers may be little, but their emotions aren’t. AHN had started planning the production of a new children’s YouTube series, “Cai & Kate,” aimed at toddlers and young children to help them cope with their feelings. They had their idea nailed down, but when it came to branding their new series, AHN needed some help. So we developed a brand that extended to launch materials, in-office posters and even a Cai & Kate-themed coloring book children received at their doctor’s appointments.

Client: Arthritis Foundation

Campaign: We Journey Together

Accolades: Health Promotion Program; Total Advertising Campaign; Total Public Relations Campaign

About the Work: The Arthritis Foundation provides resources, research and help for those living with arthritis. Yet research showed that less than 15% of arthritis patients and caregivers were even aware of the foundation. With the Arthritis Foundation’s 75th anniversary in 2023, we saw a great opportunity to build awareness in a big way among the key audiences—all while reminding all of those living with arthritis that the Foundation is there for them every step of the way.

Client: Helio Health

Campaign: Treatment Works

Accolades: Special Video Under 2 Minutes; Social Media Content

About the Work: Helio Health, a leading behavioral health system in Upstate New York, aimed to extend its mission’s impact through an awareness campaign. So we developed the “Treatment Works” TikTok campaign to educate families about effective treatment options for substance use and mental health issues, while also raising awareness about the complexities of these disorders and available support resources. By leveraging social media engagement, Helio Health reached and informed diverse audiences where they are most active—online.

Client: Loretto

Campaign: Live Like Loretta

Accolades: Digital Video Ad; Social Media Content

About the Work: One of the greatest challenges for any marketing campaign is finding the right people. Creating a character makes that challenge much more manageable. It also gave us control over how messages are delivered to each of our audiences—everyone from future and present residents to family members and others. Our character, Loretta, embodied the Loretto—one of feisty independence and a strong continuum of care.

Client: Loretto

Campaign: Loretta AI Holiday Campaign

Accolades: Outdoor; Integrated Marketing Campaign; Social Media Content

About the Work: Despite challenges that stopped us from creating new TV spots, Loretto prioritized maintaining momentum in their brand campaign. Instead of traditional advertising, we leveraged innovative technology to create a lifelike avatar (Loretta AI) based on our beloved Loretto spokeswoman, Loretta. Utilizing real images and voice samples, our avatar engaged with families considering senior care options, showcasing Loretto’s continuum of care while paving the way for future advancements. Loretta AI today. Loretta GPT tomorrow.

Client: Syracuse Community Health

Campaign: Syracuse Community Health Center Rebrand

Accolades: Imprinted Materials; Logo/Letterhead Design; Special Video Under 2 Minutes

About the Work: Since 1978 the Syracuse Community Health Center has grown—and evolved—and so has the community it serves. To remain relevant, the brand needed to evolve, too. Today, SCHC is so much more than a building, a place or a center. It represents a spirit of health and wellness in an underserved community. With growth and evolution came the opportunity to refresh and better represent the brand; so we shortened the name and reimagined the mark.

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