Mower introduces new brand communications workshop focused on building corporate alignment in the culture wars era


Mower, the 100% employee-owned advertising, marketing and public relations agency, has launched a new training program to guide business leaders through challenging and polarizing times. Led by the agency’s award-winning Public Relations & Public Affairs team, Corporate Alignment: Mission, Vision and Values in the Culture Wars Era is a one-day workshop designed to help clients utilize mission, vision and values statements as critical tools for navigating today’s politically and socially charged world.

Tailored for up to 20 executives, the workshop helps business leaders understand the issues at stake and recognize that mission, vision and values are not just feel-good platitudes, but crucial tools to ensure brand communications and corporate actions agree with public-facing initiatives that meet audience and stakeholder expectations.

“Organizations face an increasingly divided environment where any business can be pulled into controversial issues. Remaining neutral is difficult because customers want to engage with brands they trust and are more likely to buy when they share core values,” said Rick Lyke, APR, Executive Vice President of Public Relations and Public Affairs at Mower. “The new Corporate Alignment workshop is a natural progression of our crisis communications work and is designed to help business leaders meet the expectations of key stakeholder to ensure future survival, profit, liquidity and growth.”

The program complements other communication workshop offerings by Mower’s Public Relations & Public Affairs team, including Media Training and Crisis Simulation. All are facilitated by the agency’s deep bench of communications and issues management experts, who provide market presence across the U.S.

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