Mower and National Grid receive Chartwell’s 2022 Silver Best Practices Award for Utility Marketing Campaign “The Right Light”

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As a result of the highly successful electric utility marketing campaign “The Right Light”, Mower and client National Grid have received Chartwell’s 2022 Silver Best Practices Award in Program Marketing.

The original awards of their kind for utilities, Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards recognize excellence among electric and gas utilities with respect to projects, programs and service initiatives. The recognition honors utilities for their excellence in initiatives aimed at improving the customer experience, communications, and awareness.

About “The Right Light”

Making the switch to LED light bulbs may be the right thing to do, but it does come with some challenges. In order to choose the right light for the right environment, we need to educate ourselves on the language of LED technology. Our multichannel “Choose the Right Light” campaign for energy company National Grid did precisely that. Two parts education and two part customer engagement, it helped educate millions of customers and sold more than 3.5 million LEDs in a single year, which was +157% above their goal. You can learn more about the winning work here.

At Mower’s Energy & Sustainability group, our insights are grounded in solid research, a little blue-sky thinking, and lots of real-world experience. We’ve worked with everyone in the field—including the world’s largest utility companies. If you’re interested in learning how you might work with our award-winning Energy practice, get in touch with us here.

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