How Good Insights Make Great Creative


Jeffery Peters

Director, Strategic Planning

Katie Bender

Vice President, Research

Now is a time to do more with less, and it starts with using marketing resources efficiently. But the big question for so many is, how. That’s why we’ve created a free 30-minute Doing More with Less webinar series where our marketing experts share tips on how your business can elevate efficiency, enhance relevance and achieve meaningful results. We invite you to watch How Good Insights Make Great Creative, the final webinar in our Doing More with Less series.

Your content may be cool, but can it connect? Learn how to make creative that can do both! In this discussion, Katie Bender, Research Director; Jeff Peters, Account Director; and Sarah Neundorfer, Creative Director, will explain the importance of tapping into the left and right side of the brain to develop well-rounded creative that consumers feel connected to. Tune in and get ready to learn about the ways qualitative and quantitative research inform target-centric creative and how target insight drives brand affinity and fully integrated communications.

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