2023: The Year of Travel Like No Other


Jamie Scalici

Director, Public Relations

Travel is back. And with it a new set of wants, needs and standards from pent up globe trotters. In 2022, the industry saw the world of travel slowly come back to life after two years of pandemic restrictions and disarray. But 2023 is looking very different. According to a study by Expedia, 2023 is the year of “no-normal travel,” a year of travel “like no other.” In other words, travelers are up for anything. And Booking.com revealed travelers are feeling more optimistic about traveling this year.

Here’s a look at eight trends we’re tracking for clients that are shaping the industry and our marketing strategies:

  • Price Sensitivity: With inflation on everyone’s mind, pandemic concerns have waned, and financial worries are on the rise. Travelers are looking for ways to save, whether it be with deals or off-season travel planning.
  • Live Like a Local: Immersive, engaging, and meaningful experiences are top of mind for 2023 explorers who are in search of making human connections while traveling. They want to support and leave an impact on the communities they visit, be it by volunteering or shopping at local businesses.
  • Seeking Service: A smile at check-in, a surprise and delight welcome amenity, or an impeccable dining experience – these are the important nuances that can make or break a travel experience. Guests are willing to shell out more money to ensure an exceptional customer service experience.
  • Glamorizing The Good Old Days: Sometimes people need to be reminded of simpler times. Travelers are seeking out vintage-themed experiences in more ways than one. One example of this is train travel, a timeless way to get from point A to B.
  • Sleep Tourism: We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. It’s a top travel trend with hotels foraging into sleep concierges, AI-powered beds, and spa services that aid in a restful night’s slumber.
  • Ultra-Long-Term Planning: Travel planning a few weeks ahead (imposed by the start of the pandemic) was not ideal for snagging deals or curating meaningful itineraries. Demand for travel is up and demand for longer-term planning is even higher. Sights are set on travel options for 2024 and beyond.
  • Artist-Owned Hotels: The art-travel trend has been around for a while. In its new rendition, travelers are looking for more personal, immersive experiences to awaken their inner artist.
  • Set-Jetting: A beloved pastime has worked its way into 2023 travel planning. Many will use their favorite binge-worthy shows as a springboard for vacation destinations. So, choose your next Netflix binge wisely.

Let 2023 be the year of buying experiences, not things. Despite possible hiccups, travel will always be worth it.

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