10 Ways Our Success Plan Helps Car and Truck Marketers Do More with Less


John Leibrick

Vice President, Insight Director

Let’s face it. Connecting with today’s B2B and B2C customers is harder than ever. Lifestyles have shifted with pockets that are tighter, uncertainty about the future has increased and marketplaces have changed. Maybe forever. This means the way your customers react to advertising may have changed forever too.

If you’re driving around in circles trying to find the right way to successfully reach your customers, and people in your company have different directions to get there, Mower’s Success Plan is the copilot that can change everything.

Get your teams on the same track.

As you consider changes in your marketing plans to better connect with customers, it’s crucial to get your teams on the same page and aligned with your overarching business goals. Our Marketing Success Plan serves as a one-page roadmap to ensure just that.

Mower’s Marketing Success Plan is a one-sheet measurement framework used to align your marketing to your desired business outcomes while identifying and removing barriers to marketing success. The plan works to link marketing metrics to outcome like revenue targets which, according to a Forrester study, makes marketers three times more likely to significantly exceed revenue targets. Now how’s that for success?

Rev up your business results while using less fuel.

Now that you understand what our Success Plan is, here are the top 10 ways it can help marketers meet their objectives, be more efficient and stay aligned with changing customer expectations:

1. Collaboration: Elevate business efficiency by bringing your disparate teams together, breaking down silos and setting an overall cohesive focus on what’s most important to your company—no matter where they’re working from.

2. Close Knowledge Gaps: Identify up front any knowledge gaps that must be closed to improve decision-making and marketing success.

3. Be More in Control: Provide the right tools and processes to know what’s working, what’s not, what to stop and what to start to quickly improve your marketing program. With a little more control, you’ll probably get a better night’s sleep.

4. Overcome Obstacles: Identify what can impede your ability to track, measure and report so you can optimize your marketing program with ease.

5. Document Return on Investment (ROI): Ensure every dime is focused on what’s most important for improving marketing ROI and business success.

6. Navigate the Road Ahead: Use it as a tool that can help map a course for brands in good times and in bad. It’s easier to modify an existing plan and pivot instead of starting from scratch.

7. Prove Marketing Value: Document the hard work you do to improve business performance and justify your marketing efforts. This can make it easier to convince C-level executives that it makes sense to sustain or even increase your marketing budgets.

8. Quick Read: Connect the dots of business objectives, marketing tactics, KPIs and measurement values in a clear and concise way. Time-pressed senior-level executives will appreciate the brevity and focus of a one-sheet summary of your marketing plan.

9. Outdistance the Competition: Quickly respond to marketplace challenges and opportunities to win, grab share or bring a new product or service to market. Plus, it keeps you focused on your end game and reduces distractions that can lead you astray.

10. Confidence in Your Success: Get more certainty that your marketing investment is focused on the most important business objectives and that you have the tools in place to measure and optimize performance.

Mower has the insight to determine how to connect with your consumers’ current mindsets and the expertise to build a Success Plan that ties the right marketing to the right business outcomes. Let’s work together to create a custom plan that not only helps your brand accelerate results, but sets you up to sustain success.

To start a conversation around creating a Success Plan for your company, contact John Leibrick, Vice President—Insight Director, at jleibrick@mower.com.

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