Retail Digital Trends Webinar

EMA recently launched a webinar entitled Retail Digital Trends. The presenters were two of EMA’s leading shopper marketing experts, Christine Dougherty and Patrick Lewis.

Christine and Patrick share a passion for the CPG category and a deep understanding of how target consumers behave as shoppers. Their past experience includes working with national retailers such as Target, Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, Dollar General, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walgreens to spearhead effective shopper marketing campaigns for clients such as Mattel, Fisher-Price, Gerber Childrenswear, Ford, Rich Products, Breyers Ice Cream Toppings and Arby’s.

Together, Christine and Patrick form a dynamic team with a truly unique and effective viewpoint on what works with consumers in-store — and elsewhere. They shared these invaluable insights during the webinar, giving attendees an understanding of how digital media is impacting omnichannel trends and discussing:

  • When coupons are not enough
  • Why the right delivery mechanism matters
  • What consumers are expecting retailers to know

If you’ve missed this webinar and would like to learn more you can view the full presentation or download a PDF version of the presentation below.