The success of your 2022 business goals depends on how you market your utility company.

These five 2022 utility-marketing must-dos are a quick way to determine whether you’re sleeping on or staying with today’s energy consumer.

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The three-pronged approach to conquering transportation electrification.

Some things just go better together. When it comes to getting consumers to connect with EVs, your utility should confirm it checks off all three of these strategies.

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Innovation to reach low-income customers.

Is your utility company putting out the right communications to connect with low-income consumers? Find out here.

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Be the Heart, Not the Cart®

Creating an emotional connection with your customers can help them see the value of their relationship with energy. Scroll through a few key tips to make that connection.

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Current media consumption trends will shock you.

Where 2022 consumers are and where they’re going may surprise you. There’s only one way to find out.

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Combat the same-old pandemic talk.

Your marketing plan for the beginning of COVID-19 cannot be the same plan you have today. Here are some solutions for switching it up.

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