April 2022 Newsletter

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Opening the door to new possibilities with One Hundred Black Men of New York.

Inspired by a Martin Luther King, Jr. speech, we homed in on the idea of opening doors of opportunity with our client, One Hundred Black Men of New York. Together, we concepted a brand platform that tied together their new slogan with fresh creative. Turn the knob.

Mining for change.

Our client ABB is putting its expertise to work transitioning mines from fossil fuel to all-electric. The goal: promote ABB eMine™ at the forefront of sustainable mine operations by providing digitally connected electrification technology. We created the campaign “For Your World, And Mine” to dramatically portray the balance between productivity and sustainability. Check out the electrifying work here.

Stand tall in the face of crisis.

Even good companies face crises. Is yours prepared? Our Executive Vice President – Managing Director Rick Lyke taps into the three ways companies are most likely to fail—and how to avoid those mistakes in the first place. Set yourself up for success.

The C-suite spot.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with membership enterprise MediaVillage. To kick off our collaboration, our President and COO Stephanie Crockett sat down to discuss her rise in business, her approach to company culture, and how she uses her knowledge as an energy specialty lead in her everyday life. Get inspired.

Make sustainable the standard.

At Mower, we have a unique perspective that drives everything we do. It’s called Brand as Friend®. Here’s where we highlight the creative and inspiring brands that are making Fierce Friends™.

This Earth Month, peek at 18 up-and-coming sustainability leaders. Going beyond conversations about the climate and recycling, these leaders are putting sustainable business practices into the forefront of every professional decision. Good for business, and good for the earth: that’s a fierce friend.

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