Success Planning: 10 Steps to Hyper-Effective Marketing


John Leibrick

Vice President, Insight Director

We all know the importance of having good, useful data. But did you know that marketers who link marketing metrics to business results are 3X more likely to hit revenue goals than those who don’t? (Forrester)

The problem is this: Although marketers want effective measurement, many find themselves faced with barriers to aligning marketing and measurement. A large majority of marketers (61%) struggle to access or integrate the data they need, 22% don’t have the tools or technology they need, and 26% struggle to get buy-in and support from executives. (Google, Econsultancy)

If you can relate to those sentiments, you’re not alone. That’s why after hearing similar comments from both the B2B and B2C businesses we work with — and hearing their challenges with effective measurement — we created the Success Plan.

The Success Plan is a one-sheet measurement framework that allows marketers to optimize marketing efforts to desired business outcomes, while identifying and removing barriers to marketing success.

After all, how you define success defines your efforts to achieve it. Marketers who hone in on business-focused measures instead of marketing-focused metrics find themselves having a stronger impact on growth and wider influence on their organization at large. In fact, studies show that those marketers are 2X more likely to play a more central role in steering their organization than other marketers. (Google, EconsultancyNow, that’s success.

Download a free sample of the One-Sheet Success Plan below.

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Sample Success Plan

Download a free sample of the One-Sheet Success Plan.

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