10 Ways Success Planning Drives Efficiency Webinar


John Leibrick

Vice President, Insight Director

Erinn Steffen

Executive Vice President, Operations

Now is a time to do more with less, and it starts with using marketing resources efficiently. But the big question for so many is, how? That’s why we’ve created a free 30-minute Doing More with Less webinar series where our marketing experts share tips on how your business can elevate efficiency, enhance relevance and achieve meaningful results. We invite you to watch our 10 Ways Success Planning Drives Efficiency webinar, the third in our Doing More with Less series.

If you asked your team what your company’s top five business objectives are, would they all give completely different answers? In this discussion, John Leibrick, Vice President—Insight Director, and Erinn Newman, Senior Vice President—Insight, will help you get your team on the same page, literally. Learn how a one-page success plan can align your team and change your business outcomes for the better.

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