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TimberTech: Straight Talk Microsite

Straight talk with TimberTech

It’s great that prospects can quickly find information about your brand on the ‘net—not so much if it’s myths, half truths and outdated opinions. “Straight Talk” harnessed the power of SEO to engage customers in a conversation with the brand—and make certain the right information always gets found first.

Making the great outdoors even greater.

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Outdoor residential deck

Making the great outdoors even greater

To support our “passion” branding campaign, a number of free interactive tools were developed to help guide homeowners through the daunting task of building a deck. These include a project management interface, a 3D deck designing tool, free downloadable deck plans, and animated color visualizers.

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Key brand as friend driver: advising

Brands that prove they understand and can guide to thoughtful, intelligent choices become brands people trust. By offering tutorials for DIYers and forthright answers to customers’ questions, TimberTech’s Straight Talk campaign lets its customers know “We’re here to help.”

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Straight Talk Microsite


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