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Siemens: Product Launch

Helping Siemens Flex Its POWERGEN Muscles

Siemens asked Mower to add some fuel to the product launch of its groundbreaking E-series 2 MW engine, an important addition to their large engine portfolio. Mower recommended a “teaser” video be shown at a private event it helped create for top customers at Epcot during POWERGEN International in December, followed by the official launch of the 2 MW engine a few months later at a Siemens facility in Spain.

A driving force behind the launch.
The highlight at the launch event was a 3D, motion graphics video Mower developed that showcased the engine’s best-in-class features in a style reminiscent of luxury car advertising. Mower also developed a full suite of launch materials, including print and digital advertising, collateral and sales enablement materials, including presentations for one-on-one client meetings.

Work that generated buzz. And sales.
The launch events and the campaign were extremely successful, generating considerable excitement for the new engine across the industry and around the world.



Key brand as friend driver: story

By capitalizing on Siemens’ story of its legacy in innovation, Mower gave Siemens' audiences a fresh new competitive choice in the marketplace for more efficient, cost-effective power generation with the smallest footprint.

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