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Freightliner: Vocational Trucks Video

When you're ready, we're ready.

Freightliner is one of the top selling work trucks in the industry across all vocational segments. However, they’re still primarily thought of as an on-highway company. So our challenge was to reinforce their position as a vocational truck leader. But because we weren’t just targeting one vocational segment, it was important to show the full breadth of their work trucks in our communication.

We chose video as the medium because according to the Facebook Marketing Team IQ report, video paired with a static ad proved to be 1.3x more effective at driving online conversions for a broader target audience. Pre-roll video also allowed Freightliner to tell their story in a way that was both relevant and compelling to multiple business segments at once.

Freightliner Ad



Key brand as friend driver: connecting

When you rely on a truck to get the job done, you want to feel confident that truck is going to be ready when you are, and Freightliner understands that. Communicating we know what’s important to our target goes a long way in making a connection.

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Vocational Trucks Video


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