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Dynasil: Direct Marketing

Show, don’t tell—the power of video in direct mail

When Dynasil acquired a rare, new piece of optical coating equipment, it needed to tell a specific audience about the technology. While the company is well known for its work in the space, the machine opened it to an entirely new set of prospective customers.

Working with Mower, Dynasil decided to use a physical direct mail piece that included embedded video featuring both the company CEO and its coating division thought leader discussing the company, its history and experience, and showcasing the new equipment and what it could deliver.

Are pinholes compromising your optics?

Initially sent to a select list of customers and prospects, the results were near-immediate and amazing. Inquiries started to roll in. After participating in a large industry trade show, Dynasil was repeatedly asked by competitors how they had created the piece—because the industry was talking about it.

Staying ahead of the competition, the company issued the remaining direct mailers and has enjoyed both sales and recognition for its expanded optical coating offerings.

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Additionally, the company has used the assets created for the mailer—the video, images and messaging—to share information about the new equipment with audiences on LinkedIn, Facebook, the company website and more.



Key brand as friend driver: story

While Dynasil provides industrial coatings for many customers, this mailer presented an opportunity to more fully share the company's deep legacy and couple that with modern industrial coating needs.

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Direct Marketing

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