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Dundee Ales & Lagers: PR Influencer Strategy

Virtual Tasting

Dundee Ales & Lagers needed to get the attention of beer writers who pave the way for craft beer drinkers — and it needed to do so on a shoestring budget. Accomplishing that would require a mindset shift, rethinking the traditionally social experience of sharing a drink.

Our PR team developed an influencer strategy to create buzz around the brand. These “Virtual Tasting” events convened dozens of beer writers (who were sent beer ahead of time) online for real-time tastings with Dundee’s lead brewer.

Both the beer and events received rave reviews among the beer elite, raising Dundee IPA’s profile in the craft beer community and bumping up its expert online ratings.



Key brand as friend driver: connecting

Our agency’s influencer marketing campaign may have been virtual but it delivered real-world impact on Dundee’s ability to connect directly with the tastemakers who could make or break its brand.

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