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Domtar: Interactive Experience

Paper only, please

SXSW is one of the largest interactive festivals in the world. And finding a way to stand out among all of the emerging technologies is no small task. Enter the Paper Hotspot. A place where digitally fatigued attendees could put down their electronic devices and pick up paper ones. Some read books. Others drew pictures or left a kind note. All of them left fully recharged.

People readingMan smiling, looking at booksWoman drawingSXSW signage

Throngs of conference attendees were happy to unplug and enjoy paper over the course of the five-day festival.


Key brand as friend driver: surprise

A paper hotspot in a totally digital environment? Now that’s unexpected. By using strategies such as generosity, innovation or even unbridled creativity, a brand can surprise and delight prospects and customers by creating experiences that keep them engaged.

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