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Dixie: Mealtime Generator Microsite

Take a spin on our Mealtime Generator

How do you make mealtimes easier for mom? No dishes? Check. No messes? Check. An online spinning plate that makes cool faces out of food, gives time-saving tips, and easy, healthy recipes? Check, check and check! The Mealtime Generator is helping Dixie Ultra connect with moms while communicating the paper plate’s ability to hold up to her heaviest, messiest meals.

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An endless supply of mealtime ideas at mom’s fingertips

Paper plates with smiley faces made of food
Great Meals Start Here

Moms love the Internet.

Heck, who doesn’t? We wanted to reach moms on the websites they like most. So, we used a combination of online banners, a pay-per-click program, and social media posts to drive them to targeted microsites and landing pages.

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Key brand as friend driver: advising

When it comes to giving advice, content is king. And there was plenty whipped up during this campaign. We shared fun themes, ideas, recipes and tips that really engaged the audience and got them coming back for seconds.

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Mealtime Generator Microsite


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