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Crouse Hospital: Integrated Marketing Campaign

The biggest hearts caring for the tiniest patients

One of the premier neonatal intensive care units in the country, the Baker Regional NICU at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, New York, was marking its 40th anniversary in 2015. But surprisingly, due to its proximity to a nearby children’s hospital, it was also suffering from a lack of awareness. To capitalize on the milestone, Mower partnered with Crouse Hospital to create an awareness campaign that would kick-start a larger fundraising effort for the hospital and encourage donations to the NICU.

A special club with remarkable stories.

With the help of the Crouse Baker NICU, we found compelling stories of former patients who had grown up to lead happy and healthy lives. We also heard about their families’ experiences. Whether the stories were happy or difficult, they all belonged to a lifelong club — and were forever thankful for the doctors and nurses who treated them so well for the first few weeks or months of their lives.

Through their stories, we told the Crouse Baker Regional NICU story.

The doctors and nurses at the Crouse Baker Regional NICU make it a point to care for not only the baby, but also the family. The bonds they build with the families continue long after patients go home. This relationship was the inspiration for a campaign, “Little Fighters.” The tiny boxing glove keychain served as a powerful symbol of the fight and also an effective fundraising device.

Giving the littlest fighters a big boost.

To engage potential donors with the stories of real patients and the people who nursed them to health, we took a multichannel approach — social, outdoor, the hospital website, and a PR effort targeting traditional and digital media. We created a landing page with videos highlighting some of the most compelling and emotional stories to drive further awareness and potential donations. The landing page also created a space for people to connect and share their own stories about loved ones in the NICU.



Key brand as friend driver: story

We set out to tell stories about the good that the NICU has done over the years, all while raising awareness of the efforts of the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff who make it possible for the parents of ill or premature newborns to bring home a healthy bundle of joy.

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Integrated Marketing Campaign




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