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Bosch: Product Demos

Standing up to serious beatdowns

Contractors don’t want you to tell them how awesome your product is—they want to be shown. So, for Bosch Power Tools, we show them product demos unlike anything they’ve seen before. From trebuchets to batting practice at Wrigley Field, these ultra-rugged products withstand some serious beatdowns.

The only brand we know with its very own beatdown team.

Bosch Jobsite stereo system Man looking at trebuchet
500 foot drop and still works - now that's tough

Hands-on advertising

Contractors are hands-on types, so whenever possible, we like to put real product in their hands. But when that’s not possible, we like to get as close as we can. In this case, a life-sized cutout of the new Bosch Ultra Comfort Cordless Drill residing in their favorite industry pub.

Hand interacting with Print Ad Ultra Compact Cordless Print Ad



Key brand as friend driver: surprise

While typical product demos might elicit an “Oh!,” our series for Bosch goes straight for “Whoa!” The videos are a refreshing, more engaging break from the how-to approach, testing the Power Box’s durability in ways customers would never dare.

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