Forming Lasting Connections: How To Transform Your Hotel Brand into a Friend

This article previously appeared in Hotel Business Review on June 16, 2019. retains the copyright. Who and what do travelers trust when they are thinking about planning a vacation, a quick getaway or a bucket-list trip? The current universe of resources is legion. Friends. Family. Social media. Trusted travel advisors. Online review sites. Digital advertising. Sunday […]


Welcoming Pride: An Inclusive Approach to Travel Marketing

With the historic arrival of WorldPride 2019 in New York City, its first time in the U.S., hospitality brands across the country are rolling out the welcome mat for LGBTQ+ visitors with sponsorships, Pride-themed offers and amenities, social media messaging and more. But the work doesn’t end when WorldPride travelers return home. The LGBTQ+ market […]


Does Convenience of a Smart Hotel Outweigh Privacy Concerns? Survey Reveals Important Insights on Travelers’ Perceptions

 “Alexa, send up extra towels – and book a massage for 5 p.m.” News broke this June that Amazon has adapted its Echo smart speakers for the hospitality market, signing Marriott as its first major customer. As Alexa and her fellow voice-activated digital assistants begin to join other smart tech features like digital check-in and […]


Fly #MeToo? Two Out of Five Women Report Sexual Harassment When Traveling Solo

In account after painful account, the #MeToo movement has revealed the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault in our culture today. So it should come as no surprise that some of these stories shine an uncomfortable light on how women experience travel. One such story came from well-known Silicon Valley executive Randi Zuckerberg, who posted […]


Majority of U.S. winter vacationers undeterred by recent natural disasters

In EMA’s first Quick Take on Travel survey, a new series tracking hot-button U.S. travel industry trends and issues, we asked 754 U.S. adults if recent natural disasters — from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria to the California wildfires — had affected their winter vacation plans. The results reveal some bright spots in the forecast: […]


5 Ways Hotel Spas Guide the Frequent Traveler’s Quest for Wellbeing

This article previously appeared in Hotel Business Review on July 23, 2107. retains the copyright. “In a spa, wellness is the offering; wellbeing is the outcome,” said industry consultant Mia Kyricos at the start of her spa trends presentation at the Washington Spa Alliance (WSPA) Annual Symposium earlier this year. Going well beyond the topic of […]