SEO can make your website a friend to search engines.

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, voice search, schema markup, artificial intelligence (AI), RankBrain and the Internet of Things are top of mind. An audit of your search engine optimization (SEO) position should uncover how your website or mobile app can benefit from the search engines of today — and tomorrow. It should also show how you can continuously hold on to those benefits in spite of what your competition does in the future.


The right way to conduct an SEO Audit

Rather than relying on automated SEO grading tools, all of our content optimization strategies start with you. We listen to your objectives for being online in the first place. Armed with those valuable learnings, we delve into your analytics tools and webmaster tools to assess if and how your search traffic is helping you meet those objectives.



Specifically, an SEO audit is a comprehensive assessment, grounded on deep research, of how you — and your stiffest competitors — fare across the three essential tenets of SEO: (1) content-centric factors, (2) off-site factors, and three technical factors. The audit includes:

  • An assessment of your performance across 20+ game-changing SEO sub-factors
  • An analysis of what your competition is doing right and wrong
  • The contribution of your search traffic to your business-level objectives (Yes, we’ll discuss data within your CRM and marketing automation tools, if you have them)
  • A definitive roadmap of the short-term and long-term SEO fixes necessary to churn more valuable ROI from your SEO efforts


What you can expect from Mower’s strategic approach to SEO audits and plans

The result is a detailed roadmap — a custom-tailored SEO audit — outlining precisely how you can continuously outsmart your competition. This gives you ways to stay top of mind during the micro-moments of your prospect’s decision-making process — no matter their preferred search device, be it Google, Alexa or some other connected device.

Best of all, we let you make the call on which aspects of the roadmap you want to tackle in-house, and which ones you want our help with. That’s what we call an SEO audit done right.



Your business is ready for an SEO marketing analysis report if:

  • You’re planning to make changes to your website or mobile app, or have recently done so
  • You’re moving to a new content management system (CMS), or have recently done so
  • You haven’t looked at your Bing Webmaster Tools account in a while (or ever)
  • You’re not sure what voice search, schema markup, artificial intelligence (AI), RankBrain and the Internet of Things could mean for your business
  • You’re doing SEO but you’re not sure how it’s growing your business
  • You haven’t looked at your Google Search Console account in a while (or ever)
  • You’d like to know how much of your marketing budget should be used for organic vs. paid media
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