You will have a crisis. Are you prepared?

There are three kinds of companies. The first thinks it will never have a crisis. The second had a crisis and lost sales, employees and reputation. And the last knows it will have a crisis at some point and is trained and ready to face it and come out of it with its reputation intact.

Which one will you be?

How you respond in the early minutes and hours of a crisis determines the outcome. And this is how you are ultimately viewed in the court of public opinion.


Here’s how you get there.

Mower’s Public Relations and Public Affairs offers a one-day workshop that teaches you how to respond during a crisis and protect your reputation. Designed for groups of up to 20–25 people, this workshop teaches senior management how to respond and handle perceptions of the situation by communicating properly during the initial hours of a crisis.



How do you recognize and properly identify a crisis? What makes an effective crisis communications plan? And how do you handle the critical initial stages? This workshop will answer these questions and teach you:

  • How to be prepared. How to respond to the media, officials and the public in today’s internet-driven world; we teach relevant media training fundamentals for your spokespersons.
  • How to work with the media. Our full-day workshop utilizes a two-person training team that includes an experienced reporter. Participants are provided with a full set of training materials to serve as notes and permanent reference.
  • Pro tips and tricks. Our program combines conventional classroom teaching with multiple proprietary videos.



The program’s centerpiece is a simulation in which participants manage a rapidly evolving crisis situation and interact with the press to deliver an initial response. We maximize relevance and training benefits for your real-world situation. The target audience is company executives who would form a leadership team in a crisis.


Reputation Management

If you don’t manage your reputation and respond properly in a crisis, you leave that task to your critics and your competitors. We show you how to handle the pressure of a media-fueled crisis with:

  • Documented crisis research
  • Real-world simulations
  • How to devise and deliver key messages
  • How to counter the “death strategy”
  • How to maintain employee and customer loyalty


What you can expect

Our strategy and planning services include crisis training through:

  • Thought leadership
  • Lead generation
  • Media and public relations
  • Lead nurturing and CRM
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management
Let's Talk! Crisis Management/Media Training Expert, Rick Lyke

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