Your new brand identity, position and strategy await.

Reap the rewards of a refocused, refreshed brand.

Whether you’re experiencing brand fatigue and need to reinvigorate to match new products, services or customer expectations, are redefining a business after a merger or acquisition, or want to create a strong first impression as a start-up — a new motivating, differentiating brand identity is critical to business success.


Here’s how we get you there.

Defining and developing a new brand identity starts with a deep understanding of your business. To uncover insights that create emotional attachments between brands and their customers, we use a process we call Affinity™.



This phase of Affinity examines your situation from four unique perspectives: your business, the marketplace, your competition and, most importantly, your customers.


Discovery and Brand Workshops

Together, we will identify key audiences, define the current and desired future state of the brand and explore opportunity areas for brand development.


Brand and Competitive Analysis and Audit

Gain an understanding of the current competitive landscape, positioning, differentiation and claims that determine how to shape the best identity for your brand.


Primary Brand Research

Conduct research that informs brand strategy and identity, uncovering new insight and defining the most salient and differentiating characteristics of your brand.



This phase of Affinity defines brand strategy, effectively and meaningfully differentiating your brand.


Brand Positioning

This is the essential foundation for what your brand stands for, how it’s better and why customers, employees and other stakeholders should care.


Value Propositions

Crafted from a comprehensive set of proof points and reasons to believe, this will drive the overall strategic creative platform and, ultimately, your brand identity.


Brand Architecture

A blueprint for how brand offerings and entities are presented to the market. Also provides structure for how various products and services ladder up to the Brand Position.


Creative Platform

In this phase, we develop the new brand identity and the elements needed to activate it successfully in the marketplace.


Brand Identity Elements

Name, logo and tagline development, the expression of what your business needs to be.


Brand Guidelines

A set of rules providing brand governance and direction on proper usage of the name, logo, tagline, colors, graphics and fonts to ensure relevance and consistency in the marketplace.


Campaign Concepts

An expansion of the creative platform to show how the new brand identity is activated in on- and off-line marketing communications channels.


What you can expect

As a full-service advertising agency, our brand identity experience spans both B2B and B2C, helping our partners achieve their business and brand objectives in the healthcare, financial services, technology, energy, paper and packaging and other sectors.

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