Success Plans: Our one-sheet measurement template that marketers and executives love.

Marketers work hard to build measurement into their marketing plans. And, work harder yet to achieve those almighty numbers. But, hyperfocusing on the numbers — and figuring out all you can do to make them — doesn’t always mean gain despite the pain.

The reality is that even with a commitment to measurement, it can be hard for marketers to translate clicks and impressions into business impact. If your marketing efforts are not driving desired corporate-level outcomes, what are they driving?


A data analytics company can help you get there.

Measurement and analytics are only useful if they fully connect the dots between your marketing KPIs and your desired business outcomes.

In fact, it’s been proven that marketers who link marketing metrics to business results are 2X more likely to significantly exceed their business goals1. Those marketers are also less likely to have their marketing budgets cut2, and are 2X more likely to say they have a powerful role in setting corporate strategy3. This kind of thinking elevates marketers to the corporate-strategy discussion. Now, that’s success.


Rather than focusing on clicks and impressions, we find focusing on success is far more rewarding.

Used by brands large and small, our Success Plans are one-sheet, executive-friendly measurement plans designed to align marketing efforts to desired business outcomes, while identifying and removing barriers to marketing success.


Key deliverables

Specifically, a Success Plan:

  • Defines what to measure and who is responsible for it.
  • Spotlights barriers to effective measurement and incentivizes others within your organization to care about removing them.
  • Exposes areas of weakness or risk so you can address them before any money is spent.
  • Lays out the KPIs, expected KPI values, technical and tagging requirements, operational prerequisites and creative implications necessary for success.
  • Fosters collaboration across the marketing department, between other departments and with external partners.


What you can expect from Mower’s proprietary approach to metrics planning.

With the Success Plan in hand, and keenly aware that measurement drives insights, our team implements deep metadata tagging and hierarchical campaign tracking. We establish and build the appropriate dashboard reporting templates that align with your success KPIs, and create the optimal timeline for reporting. After all, why meet monthly to review performance reports if the success planning process uncovers that your executive team reviews business performance weekly?

The result is a soundly orchestrated, closed-loop plan that not only manages your marketing KPIs to your desired business outcomes, but also sets you up for success from the very beginning. And it all lives on a single, executive-friendly sheet of paper.




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