Three powerful statements your company can’t live without.

A company’s mission, vision and values are essential to its growth and success on every level. Mission, vision and values statements represent a company’s purpose, desired future state, and principles and associated behaviors.

They speak to customers, employees and all other internal and external stakeholders. As such, these three statements taken together serve to guide a company’s business strategy and corporate culture.


Here’s how you get there.

When developing or updating a mission, vision or values statement, our approach is grounded in understanding your short- and long-term business and organizational goals, their key points of differentiation and, perhaps most importantly, the perspectives of employees.



Our multiphase approach ensures that mission, vision and values statements are based on your company’s business goals, unique characteristics and employee input. The following steps are scaled to the assignment:

  • Reviewing relevant information such as brand positioning, business plans, go-to-market strategies and employee engagement survey results.
  • Holding on-site working sessions with employees based on input and direction from senior leadership. We also provide a mechanism for employees to give anonymous feedback.
  • Conducting a discovery session with senior leadership to explore challenges and opportunities, current and future states for the mission, vision and values of the organization, and the company’s cultural initiatives.



We provide recommended mission, vision and values statements in a report including:

  • An overview of findings and input from the primary and secondary research. This summary shows how the information and feedback were used to develop the statements.
  • Tactics for launch that could include a company wide kick-off event for employees and an e-newsletter spotlighting how the mission and values are brought to life.
  • Compelling, concise and credible statements based on these tenets: a mission statement is one that all stakeholders will believe; the vision must inspire; and each employee must be able to remember the values and live by them each day.



Strong mission, vision and values statements will inspire confidence, loyalty, excitement and a sense of purpose among employees. For customers and external audiences, understanding and agreeing with the mission, vision and values can help them make favorable decisions about doing business and making investments with a company.


Why Mower

We’ve developed mission, vision and value statements for companies of all types and sizes across multiple industries, using an approach that emphasizes research, messaging and strategy to create statements that are meaningful and achievable.

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