Delivering memorable and powerful speeches and presentations.

When you take center stage, your brand and your message need to be memorable. Mower drafts speeches and presentations for executives for everything from trade shows and webinars to public gatherings and product launches.

The goal: help clients provide information and answer questions in a way that’s clear, compelling and convincing. As you’re talking, the crowd should be nodding.

Mower helps in four ways:

  1. Crafting your strongest messages — Whether you’re launching new products at trade shows or looking for laughs at a sales meeting, delivering urgent sustainability messages to industry groups or updating employees about your company’s future, what you’re sharing must resonate.Mower helps you identify what motivates key stakeholders, so you communicate the right messages in the right way at the right time.
  2. Finding the best ways to highlight those messages — Whether it’s sharing an anecdote or creating a PowerPoint, showing a video or distributing a handout, Mower helps present your case persuasively.
  3. Compiling a list of potential questions (from softballs to gotchas) — When you finish your remarks and people raise their hands, you can’t feel ambushed.
  4. Sharpening your presentation — Mower provides individualized coaching based on your experience, style and comfort. Clients often request this as part of Mower’s media training.

With proper preparation and the right content you’ll never dread making a presentation. Let Mower help you capitalize on the opportunity to deliver your message.

Are you nodding yet?

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