Improve your presentation skills — and employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Presentation Training is designed to prepare executives and managers to deliver effective presentations and facilitate discussions at employee town hall meetings, webinars or small group sessions.

This program is important because it supports one of the fundamental requirements of an employee engagement program: providing company information and answering employee questions in a way that’s transparent, easy to understand, motivating and inspiring.


Here’s how to build effective presentation skills.

Addressing your employees can be difficult. Fortunately, our full-service PR agency’s training module makes it easy to reach your audience with techniques and principles for powerful verbal and nonverbal communications.


Approach to presentation skills and techniques

Mower’s Employee Engagement Presentation Training has been continually used and optimized for more than 30 years through our media training program. It provides:

  • Individualized coaching based on factors such as the presenter’s experience, style and comfort with public speaking.
  • Persuasive presentations skills, including developing key messages, assembling presentation content that tells a story, using PowerPoint effectively, and answering tough questions.
  • Ways to enhance presentations by preparing, sharpening and effectively delivering messages so they’re understood by audiences and, most importantly, acted upon.


Participants receive worksheets they can use to develop presentation messages and a content outline, along with a written summary of the techniques and individualized lessons and tips.



We have worked with hundreds of corporate spokespeople and presenters on honing their presentation and communications skills over the past three decades.



We develop Employee Engagement Presentation Training programs with an eye toward the essential role that employee meetings play in engaging employees at all levels of the company. Beyond teaching techniques and skills for delivering effective presentations every time, we emphasize the importance of thinking about these sessions in the larger context of a comprehensive, strategic employee engagement program.

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