Strategic Messaging Workshop for creating more magnetic communications.

Identifying effective messaging isn’t always easy. Finding out what you stand for and what makes you different from the competition is key. Focused, strategic and motivating messaging can prompt a sale, accelerate the decision-making process and influence stakeholder beliefs and opinions. To be successful, however, businesses cannot settle for the run-of-the-mill, “this is what we do” approach.


Here’s how you craft a business innovation strategy.

Our full-service agency offers a Strategic Messaging Workshop that helps your company or organization drill down to the core messages that will engage your audiences, strengthen your organization and grow your business.



The messaging architecture we develop in collaboration with your team will form the strategic foundation for all your marketing communications activities. Your workshop includes:

  • A half-day workshop with representatives from your organization to discuss key audiences, products and services, markets and business challenges, all with an eye toward defining a core strategic message.
  • A proprietary 3×3 methodology that focuses on creating a construct that includes three foundational messages, each of which is supported by at least three supporting facts, figures and anecdotes.
  • Various group exercises that vector in on the key messaging points that truly differentiate your business. As a group, we’ll then distill the conversation into a more concise narrative.



Shortly after the workshop, the agency will deliver the following:

  • Core messaging strategy document that provides the core messaging architecture that can be used across all of your communications materials.
  • Audience messaging matrix, a tool that serves as a guide for segmenting messages by audience.


What you can expect from an effective marketing messaging strategy

The Strategic Messaging Workshop is designed to help you create:

  • Strategically focused messaging architecture for your company, organization or brand.
  • A messaging blueprint you can deploy across multiple platforms, including internal communications, shareholder and customer communications, community marketing, earned media outreach and social media communications.



Mower has a wide range of experience managing integrated communications for business-to-business, consumer and nonprofit organizations of all sizes and from a variety of industries. We’ll help you deliver a thoughtful, persuasive narrative that resonates with your key targets, is aligned with your business goals, and has the utility to fortify your messaging across everything you do.

Let's Talk! Messaging Workshops Expert, Chuck Beeler

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