Building buzz for a brand’s key messages with influencers in a way that’s genuine and measurable.

A growing trend in PR: finding influencers to work with companies and developing content for blog posts and social media. It’s pay-to-play, but for the effort to succeed, you need to find the trusted influencers who can reach the right audiences in a way that’s genuine. And you want the influencers to build buzz for your brand’s key messages in a way that’s affordable and measurable.

That’s where we can help.

Mower’s public relations team has launched influencer programs to promote a range of products — from at-home spas to gameday cocktail recipes, from ice cream toppings to customized baked goods, and from tourism destinations to pond hockey tournaments.

While the content varies, Mower’s approach to delivering results is consistent.

  • Identify the top influencers for each target audience based on several factors, such as SEO, geography, industry, authenticity and popularity.
  • Determine schedules.
  • Ensure the most relevant metrics will be evaluated, from impressions and engagement to clicks that spur visits to a client’s website.
  • Negotiate budgets.
  • Coordinate the content. This includes crafting the most important points for the influencers to underscore, providing photo direction, sharing logos to showcase and specifying hashtags to feature.

As influencers start to become more popular, choose a public relations firm that will be influential.

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