October 2021 Newsletter

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October is energy-efficiency month! Watch these five hacks to save $$ at home.

October is energy-efficiency month. We created this TikTok-style video to help National Grid customers celebrate. Check it out for five easy hacks on saving money around your house, apartment, office…the list goes on. Watch the energy-efficiency hacks here.

Our client is ghosting social media for good reason.

Haunted History Trail of NYS is giving “ghosted” on social media a whole new meaning. Check out this video we filmed to launch their TikTok account. We’ll let our still camera work distract you from the shakes we had on set. Check out the TikTok here.

For 24 hours, robots took over Boston.

If you live in Boston, you may have seen flying, crawling and even barking robots around Seaport. If you haven’t, you can check out some photos of our team grabbed while helping MassRobotics promote at the event. Find the new robots on the block here.

Meet Loretta—you’ll wish you did when she’s famous.

We’ve created a new character to be the face of Loretto Healthcare’s assisted living. Her name is Loretta, but we have a feeling she may remind you of someone else in your life. Your mom, your grandma, your crazy neighbor next door. Meet Loretta here

Just another reason to love Target.

At Mower, we have a unique perspective that drives everything we do. It’s called Brand as Friend. Here’s where we highlight the creative and inspiring brands that are making Fierce Friends™.

What’s more “Brand as Friend” than promoting your friend’s style, culture and business endeavors?

If you love the fall at Target like our team does, then you’ve probably already noticed its incredible Latino Heritage Month collection. Target has launched products by Latino-Owned businesses throughout its store—including home decor, pet supplies and entertainment. Plus, it’s actively seeking more companies to change the industry. Consider this your reason to hit the store this weekend and check it out. Shop the collection here.

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