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Executive Messaging & Presentation Training

A new training program offered by Eric Mower + Associates’ Reputation Management Services group teaches executives how to develop, optimize, and deliver key business messages so they are understood and, most importantly, acted upon.

EMA’s Executive Messaging and Presentation Training is a fully customizable, on-demand program. Training agendas are available for individuals or groups in half-day or full-day sessions, and may include any or all of the five learning modules:

1. How to Make Powerful Messages
2. How to Use Messaging
3. How to Prepare and Deliver Presentations or Speeches
4. Optimizing Speaking Style for Effectiveness
5. How to Use PowerPoint

“Preparing ideas to be spoken demands a completely different process and discipline from doing it in writing,” explained Greg Loh, managing partner of EMA’s Public Relations + Public Affairs group. “We find a surprising percentage of senior executives remain more comfortable, more conversant and more accomplished with communicating in writing than by speaking. This training will help them improve their skills.”

EMA’s program is targeted to senior executives who verbally deliver important business messages. For example, speaking during a presentation or webinar, presenting at a tradeshow, delivering a speech, conducting a media interview, or leading live meetings with employees, clients, government regulators or the public.

“Mastering the different strategies and skills for delivering verbal messages is knowledge worth acquiring,” said Peter Kapcio, one of EMA’s trainers and developer of the program. “How you look and sound while speaking affects your clarity and credibility, thus determining how effective you are at persuading people to embrace and act upon your ideas.”

According to Kapcio, key messages are not simple “talking points” or “sound bites.” EMA’s Executive Messaging and Presentation Training teaches participants how to make fully supported assertions designed to lead recipients to a persuasion-, information- or empathy-based conclusion.

About Mower

Mower is a digitally integrated independent marketing, advertising and public relations agency with professionals in New York City, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Cincinnati, and Buffalo, Rochester, Albany and Syracuse, N.Y. Mower delivers strategic insights and counsel, digital solutions, smart creative and award-winning results to clients in a wide range of industries and service sectors. It has earned top industry accolades from Clio, Cannes and ANA B2 awards and is the only full-service agency ranked in Ad Age, B2B Marketing, PRWeek and Chief Marketer. Mower is part of two global agency networks—thenetworkone and IPREX—as well as the 4A’s.