A new comfort zone: When will Americans feel ready to return to “normal” activities?


Katie Bender

Vice President, Research

Will people head to the office as soon as stay-at-home orders ease? Possibly. Take a European vacation? Not so fast. Mower polled 1,000 U.S. adults to learn how long they plan to wait to resume a laundry list of common pursuits once the experts deem it safe to do so in the wake of COVID-19. The results show that fewer than half will feel comfortable pursuing any of the 22 proposed activities on Day One.

Going back to work, grocery shopping on a regular schedule and visiting with friends/family are closest to respondents’ comfort zones. More than 40% anticipate they’ll be ready to return to those activities on Day One. By Day 60, more than 80% will.

While certain states have started to allow salons, restaurants and shopping centers to reopen, fewer than one in four Americans are inclined to patronize them right away. By Day 30, just under half would be comfortable enough to do so, and by Day 60, two out of three.

To see where other activities stand, view our infographic.

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Day One/30/60 Post-COVID-19

When will Americans feel ready to return to “normal” activities?

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