Motherhood is full of new experiences for any new mom. From the minute she thinks about conceiving to the time she welcomes her new child into the world, a new mother can feel as if her life has been turned upside down. Whether she’s just conceived, getting ready to choose a day care, or is sending her little one off to kindergarten, every moment in a new mom’s life can be a milestone. And with every milestone she encounters, she’s constantly looking for new products in categories she’s never shopped before, helpful advice for keeping her child safe and secure, and reassurance that she’s making the right choices for her child — for the first year and beyond. Euphoric one minute and overwhelmed the next, the mind of a new mother is open to new brands and how they can help her become a better parent.

It’s time to make your brand a new addition to her life. And we can help.


Our approach will help you grow your brand with new moms.

Mower uses something called Brand as Friend® to create Fierce Friends for your brand. These marketing platforms have a deeper meaning, more impact, and help to forge a powerful and profitable bond between new and expecting mothers and a brand.

At its core, Brand as Friend is our agency’s belief that brands can have a higher purpose in a new mom’s life, and that to reach the status of friend you need to create affection, relevance and trust by leveraging human truths.

A new or expectant mother needs help, guidance and support. She wants to know more about your brand, but expects that information to be relevant to her. She wants involvement in your brand, but wants to control that involvement. She wants a deeper understanding of your brand so she can feel it connects with her lifestyle, her attitude, and the needs of her family. Our Brand as Friend methodology allows us to:

  • Uncover potential gaps your brand may have with new moms.
  • Engage in multiple marketing and advertising disciplines, both internally and externally.
  • Take advantage of new technology and digital marketing to connect with new moms in unexpected, but appreciated, ways that form deep brand engagement.

The result? Your brand becomes trusted, thoughtful, approachable and sincere — the very stuff that only the best relationships are made of.


Our philosophy helps make new friends with new moms.


When a woman finds out she’s pregnant for the first time, it can feel as if her world has been turned upside down. Her mind buzzes with questions. Her emotions change from excitement and joy one day, to anxiety and nervousness the next. And her body — along with all those wacky cravings — begins to take on a life of its own.

Along with all these monumental changes, she’s got a lot of shopping to do, and her thoughts for buying go far beyond diapers, onesies and car seats. We believe that by creating advertising and shopper marketing campaigns that tap into her unique thoughts, needs and wants at this new time in her life, your brand can build the affection, relevance and trust that lead to a long-lasting connection.

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