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Solar Growth without Subsidies — Count on It

My hunch is that solar installations will continue to grow in the United States, e…

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PR’s Evolution into Activation

Back in the day—a little more than a century ago—what later became known as pu…

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2017 Super Poll Results: A virtual tie between…

Here at EMA, we believe that in order to make a brand truly magnetic, you have to …

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A ‘loyal opposition’ can’t exist in…

A lot of people, especially a lot of women, remain furious that Donald J. Trump is president. The arguments are well-known and understood. But barring some…

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Beware of the unanticipated crisis, and prepare

As President-elect Donald Trump today becomes President Trump, it’s worth speculating about what he might face in terms of unforeseen crises. The ones we…

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Talking Solar in 2017 — What Marketers Need to…

Image of sun rays

In 1974, Congress passed the Solar Research Development and Demonstration Act to h…

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12 Months of Healthcare Content Marketing Ideas

The New Year greets us with a blank calendar — which means we have 365 days to f…

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The Age of the Social Influencer

As the media landscape continues to evolve, it becomes a little less “traditiona…

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Banner vs. Native — read the headlines.

“People don’t read advertising — they read what interests them, and sometimes that’s advertising.” – Howard Gossage Over the last several years…

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Pinpointing Passion with Instagram Geotagging

Since its 2012 inception, the Instagram geotag movement has grown swiftly across t…

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Oops. Facebook Metrics Mixup Means Lower Organic…

The crisis communications team is working overtime at Facebook. On top of serious …

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Building Brand Loyalty Among Contractors

How do you create brand loyalty in a specs-oriented, channel-sourced industry? Is …

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