Win the hearts and minds of multi-tasking moms

A recent study by the American Sociological Review has again brought attention to how moms are dealing with today’s contemporary schizophrenic lifestyle. I say schizophrenic because moms today are wearing so many hats and are multitasking more than a Swiss army knife. It’s not surprising to hear that they are not enjoying it. 

 My wife tends to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the tasking category. On any given day before I can open my eyes, my wife has created a to do list for my two boys, myself and Nellie our golden retriever. Most guys would take the dog’s list any day of the week, which consists of lying down and staying out of the way. Sounds great, right? Think again! My list is a fraction of my wife’s list. I gladly take my “man list” and attack it with the spirit of adding some calmness to the storm. With the multi-tasking hurricane that hits moms lives everyday there’s actually a sweet opportunity for a brand to shine in her eyes.

As a student of Shopper Marketing I see the opportunity for a brand to make mom’s life a little easier, and in the process, land on her short list of trusted brands. Also, as a creative guy, I see a number of ways a brand can help make the shopping experience much more enjoyable and save her precious time. So, in the spirit of mom’s mighty checklist, here are a few top line things to consider in helping mom navigate the retail experience.

 • Let mom know you’re there.

• Help her divide and conquer the aisle.

• Make mom smarter.

• Speak to mom – not at her.

• Build mom relationships – Affinity vs. Loyalty.

 With the rise of experiencial shopping, mom expects more from a brand and a retailer. The last thing she wants is an experience that adds stress to her life.