What’s wrong, what’s right in B2B?

We asked our friend Ralph Oliva, Executive Director at ISBM (the Institute for the Study of Business Markets), what was right and wrong in B2B these days.  He liked that B2B marketers increasingly were using data to make smarter decisions and fashion better strategies. Ralph also felt B2Bs were being more successful with using and integrating new tools, e.g. content, social, etc., to reach customers more effectively. The bad news, per Mr. Oliva, is that many companies are way too focused on Wall Street, and are making short-term decisions to “make the quarter” – often at the expense of hurting their marketing capability permanently. Many B2B firms aren’t investing enough in understanding and responding to the customer. He says that they are sitting on huge piles of cash, and have the resources to make investments in real innovation and real marketing, but keep it stockpiled while talent and opportunity leach away.

Your thoughts?