What new moms want

Though Mother’s Day may have come and gone, one study lends some insight into what new moms really want on her special day and every day. At the core, new moms simply want a little help and extra time for themselves– whether it is from a friend or family member, a brand or even a retailer.

In partnership with Harris Interactive, EMA’s New Moms Group administered a national online study of more than 500 new moms (first-time moms with one child, age two or younger), ages 18 to 45 years. When asked— what areas they could use the most help in, new moms responded by saying they could use assistance with:

  • 58%— General household cleaning
  • 57%— Making time for me
  • 45%— Recognition for all that I do
  • 40%— Dishes
  • 35%— Meal preparation
  • 31%— Home and lawn care improvements
  • 32%— Getting kids ready
  • 27%— Grocery shopping

Once a woman becomes a new mom, her priorities change. Extra help and ‘me-time’ top Mom’s list in terms of what she wants and needs. Brands and retailers that can deliver time-saving or ‘me-time’ solutions for mom are more likely to stay on her radar screen and, ultimately, earn her loyalty.

So, what can brands and retailers offer? One suggestion is to create a “New Moms” section in-store or online that offers simple, stylish, time-saving solutions. Take makeup for example. A brand or retailer could create “Five Minute Makeup” for New Moms featuring simple, effective, easy-using beauty products. From a good concealer, to a tinted moisturizer, bronzer and the season’s top new lip color, a brand or retailer that offers some quick tips and product suggestions has just created an easy, appreciated solution for Mom.

Every day is an opportunity to show mom just how much she is appreciated. But understanding what she wants and needs is just as important. We challenge brands to honor Mom by creating solutions to fit her new lifestyle.