What if Baby Number One Has Four Legs?

7 ways your brand can connect with new parents who love their pets, too.

Nothing can quite prepare you for motherhood. However, more and more Millennial new moms report that having a canine “furbaby” first taught them a key lesson: that being responsible for another life takes hard work, patience and lots of love.

Consider all the similarities between the two species of babe. For best results, both must be fed, bathed and cleaned up after on a regular schedule. Both end up in the doctor’s office for immunizations and the occasional tummy ache, head bump or wet nose. And on an emotional level, both share cuddles, kisses and unconditional love with their moms and masters.

When it’s time for the human baby to come home, Millennial new moms look to their “other baby” for a precious companion like no other. Suddenly, mom has a best friend to accompany her on nighttime feedings, while baby has a cuddle bud, protector and squeaky plush toy tester.

So how can your brand capitalize on this human + pooch trend of the modern family? Here are seven ways:

  1. If your store has a photo studio, or if you’re a photographer, offer a new family photo session or print discount. With many new moms and dads announcing their human arrival by showing Fido pawing the sonogram on Facebook or Instagram, the opportunities are great.
  2. Feature books on dog breeds that are best for family life in your baby department. Or, consider a cross promotion with your pet department to drive more traffic throughout the store.
  3. Dog walkers and dog daycares: Offer a discount to new human parents. Mom will love knowing her pup is being loved, played with and pampered while she’s caring for the newest member of her pack.
  4. Pet hotels: Offer pet parents a free night’s stay (or two) for their four-legged friend while mom and dad are welcoming new baby into the world.
  5. PetSmart or other pet specialty retail chains: Offer behavioral classes that teach mom and her bark buddy how to best prepare for the new baby.
  6. Food truck entrepreneurs: Why not feature a food truck with a dog-appropriate menu? This is an ideal opportunity for a pet food brand.
  7. Dress up the holidays: For your retail or specialty store, co-feature dog and baby outfits for each season. Baby costumes with dog costumes for Halloween, Christmas treats for both baby and pooch, summer safety protection for the pup and his or her little human friend.

Today’s Millennial mom builds her family around baby and pup. The more your brand can do to help her keep both species happy, healthy and well-behaved, the more she’ll reward you.