What Happens When the Attributes of Friendship are Unleashed at a Popular B2B Marketing Conference?

Brands that aspire to create deep relationships — friendships — with their customers must pay attention to the nine drivers of friendship.

Eric Mower + Associates unleashed these nine friendship drivers at the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) 2017 Masters of B2B Marketing Conference last week, enlisting professional improv actors to represent surprise, listening, caring, connection, style, story, loyalty, advising and honesty. The actors spent the evening interacting with attendees and demonstrating how the scientifically proven friendship drivers — which are considered the building blocks of friendship — build affection, relevance and trust for brands.

EMA’s Brand as Friend® philosophy tasks marketers to look at everything through the eyes of a friend, with the goal of forming meaningful bonds and friendships with consumers so they ultimately become brand ambassadors.

Watch this short video and think about what friendship drivers are critical to your customers. And then give us a call to learn more about Brand as Friend.