What can’t a new mom live without?

EMA New Moms recently conducted a qualitative research study with moms across the country in order to learn more about their shopping habits, motivations, barriers to purchase and a whole lot more. One of the many intriguing insights gained is captured in this Vine. Simply, we asked New Moms about the products they couldn’t live without. We expected to hear about baby lotions, diaper creams, bottles, onesies, diapers and more. But honestly, their answers couldn’t have been further from that.

New Moms talked about… products for themselves. Products that made them feel ok; products that made them feel good; products that made them feel human… even when they were exhausted by their new reality as a new mom. With items like Cover Girl makeup, Ghiradelli brownie mix, Nature Valley granola bars and others… those were the products that were top of mind for New Moms – the ones they couldn’t live without.

Moral of the story – New Moms don’t think like you think they think. We know New Moms. Connect with us to learn more.