Wellness Works

Wellness continues to be something that more and more of Americans are taking seriously. Why? Because we are growing smarter about the impact it has on our happiness and longevity. We are constantly being reminded about what this means and what it takes to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

A recent article from The Huffington Post stated that “big business has learned that wellness is good business.” There is no shortage of studies, articles and experts that show the direct correlation from healthy employees to healthy bottom line—things like reduced absenteeism and higher productivity read like dollar signs to the C-suite. But behind those definitive impacts to business, wellness in the workplace helps employees get through a long day without their families. It makes it easier to come to work in the early morning and to go home with a smile. The personal benefits of a workplace wellness program go beyond the four walls at your organization.

Today’s wellness programs aren’t simply weight-loss competitions or lunch-n-learns. Corporations are stepping it up for their employees. Wellness programs are helping organizations grow their “Brand as Friend” quotient. Brand as Friend is EMA’s philosophy that allows us to create brand platforms that have a deeper meaning, more impact, and help forge a powerful and profitable bond between an individual and a brand—and your own employees aren’t excluded from that philosophy.

At its core, Brand as Friend is our belief that brands can have a higher purpose in peoples’ lives, and that to reach the status of “friend,” you need to create affection, relevance and trust. EMA works with companies to help that identify their strengths and opportunities to be a “friend.”  A corporate wellness program is a component of the Brand as Friend philosophy.

Consider how a wellness program could be the stepping stone to building and growing that friendship with your employees. After all, happy employees are your brand’s best marketer. If you help your employees truly define what healthy and happy means to them, your company will become a place where people want to work and contribute great things … and you’ll feel good about helping your employees bring happiness home. Now that’s true friendship.

Learn more about EMA’s Brand as Friend philosophy to strengthen your bond with employees and customers.