Tops in Toplines from the ANA/BMA Conference at Bloomberg HQ, NYC

An inspiring day at Bloomberg for B2B pros. Siemens goes native; sees high audience relevance, a critical platform for thought leadership and a six point aggregate lift on awareness, familiarity, consideration, favorability, and advocacy. AMEX, through Small Business Saturdays, shows the incredible impact of localizing a global brand in a personal way. For GE, B2B is B2P(erson); Linda Boff revealed how GE is pushing out the B2B boundaries by using Vine, Snapchat and Periscope and reaching new audiences with content that surprises and changes perceptions. Hiscox rebranded itself in North America by looking inside itself first and how courage restates risk for customers. And, BBDO said that great ideas become even greater and more engaging when you can make them 3D, i.e. when you can take an idea and make it physical for real, human interaction. On this latter note, see how EMA did that at SXSW for Domtar Paper at the link below.


The real boildown of the entire day…What all these B2B pros were saying was: “Tell great stories in new and different ways.” Sounds too simple, yes?  Truth is though, B2B needs more story telling.  We need more heart and soul and less nuts and bolts. Sure, facts are important but people’s needs trump speeds and feeds. We have more tools to tell great stories than we’ve ever had at any other time. Let’s use them.