Tips for Young Professionals

Over the past 20+ years at Eric Mower + Associates, I’ve had the good fortune of working with outstanding young professionals and supporting their growth and development. So I was thrilled when the American Marketing Association’s Rochester chapter asked me to deliver the keynote address to students at its Collegiate Conference with advice and perspectives about forging a successful career. With another group of students searching for their first post-college job or a summer internship, here are three tips from my presentation for young professionals as you move through the first phase of your careers.

Define your messages. We talk a lot in public relations about the importance of knowing your audience and developing messages that will resonate with them. The most effective messages follow the 3Cs formula: they’re clear, compelling and concise. Your 3Cs messages become the basis of what you communicate about yourself, in a cover letter, resume, interview, or networking conversation, to make a positive impression that leads to a positive outcome.

Know what you value. A company’s values should be among your criteria for determining if a position and employer are the right fit for you. In an interview, ask about corporate values and how the company puts them into action, employee behaviors the company requires, and the employee attributes that are important to your supervisor. I’ve stayed with my employer for more than two decades because of the people I work with and for, both colleagues and clients, and especially because the corporate culture and values are a very good fit.

Find a mentor, be a mentor. As you go through college and your career, look for people who take a genuine interest in you, want to help you grow, and who you can learn from just by observing how they conduct themselves. Sometimes a great mentor can be easy to find, like a co-worker. Other times you may need to seek out someone and ask the person to mentor you. And one of the most important things that you can do, really at any time in your career, is serve as a mentor yourself.

For seven additional tips from the presentation, please email me brye@mower.com